Tips For Beating the Heat



Heat waves suck! Since this one is sticking around for a few more days, here are a few ways to stay active without getting beat by the heat.

Go Early or Late

There’s an easy solution for those tired of coming home a hot, sweaty mess from mid-day runs or hikes: start earlier. Even though it gets warm in the afternoon, there’s still a comfortable temperature window between 5 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. for fitting in even the longest of training sessions. And if you’re reasonably fit, you can probably blaze up and down one of New Hampshire’s 4,000-footers in time for brunch in Lincoln.

Similarly, if work commitments delay your workout till the p.m., there’s always the option of starting later. For days like that, I’ve found that around 9 p.m. the temperatures are usually bearable enough to get in a solid run.

Get in the Alpine

If you’re concerned about getting baked at the belay on Whitehorse or at the Gunks, consider alpine climbing. Henderson Ridge, in Huntington Ravine on Mt. Washington, is one of the best moderate above-treeline climbs in the northeast, and it will be cool enough that you’ll probably pull on a windshirt. Link it with Damned Up on Damnation Buttress for a super-fun alpine romp.

Looking for something a little harder? Try Henderson’s neighbor, Pinnacle Buttress. Or consider climbing one of the many classic routes on Cannon Cliff. Even better, head up to Katahdin for the Armadillo (as I’d really like to do this summer). If none of that sounds appealing, there’s always alpine climbing on routes like Lost in the Sun, A Bit Short, and Direct on Central Slabs on Mt. Webster, although you’ll want to make sure there’s a breeze before heading out for these sometimes sunny routes.

Cross Train

The gym is usually air-conditioned. So, too, is the climbing gym. Both are great options for getting your workout in when the heat outside is unbearable.

Restructure Your Weekly Workout Regimen

These days, it’s easy to get the five-day forecast with the push of a button. If the day you’ve planned your long run, big hike, or multi-pitch send on looks hot, simply rearrange your workout schedule. It might also entail juggling work or partner obligations, but it’s better than having to bail half-way through a heat-induced epic.

None of this sound appealing? There’s always stand-up paddling. I hear it’s a full-body workout…


Words by Doug Martland
Photo by Tim Peck 



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