Surf Station: Late-Summer 2018

Last summer, while working with Tim on several goEast pieces about hiking Vermont’s 4,000-footers, I ended up hiking four of the five peaks (Mansfield, Camel’s Hump, Ellen, and Abraham) in a 24-hour period. Having done four so casually, it was only natural to wonder if we could do those four and Killington (Vermont’s fifth 4,000-footer)…

How to Wash a Climbing Rope

The last several weeks at Tuesday Night Climbing, I’ve gotten an earful about how “dirty” my climbing ropes are. Of course, the earfuls were well-deserved as my ropes were, to put it mildly, dirty. The key word there, though, is were, as earlier this week I decided to solve the problem. I washed the ropes….

An Introduction to Top Roping

Climbers looking to start climbing on their own outside often have two common questions: how do I build a top rope anchor and what equipment is required to set up a top rope? Although there are many ways to build an anchor for top roping, my preferred method is to use a static line to…

Mount Moosilauke Ski Gear List

Skiing Mount Moosilauke’s Carriage Road is a rite of passage for New England backcountry skiers. Never particularly difficult or overly steep, and listed in David Goodman’s seminal book Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast: 50 Classic Ski Tours in New England and New York, Moosilauke is often one of the first places that newer backcountry…

Mount Washington Gear List

Summiting Mount Washington via the Lions Head is a trip up one of New England’s iconic mountains via one of the region’s most classic routes. In preparation for an upcoming article for goEast, we recently revisited this classic climb. To coordinate our packing, we found ourselves typing out a checklist for personal and group gear….